Faux Panel Installation

Faux stone siding is great for homeowners who want stone on their exterior without the cost that comes with real stone and the weight issues as well.  Faux stone is like real stone but without the problems associated with weight and labor that real stone has. This article will discuss how to install this in a few little steps that will assist you in your quest to having faux stone siding.

The first, is to choose the siding you want. With faux stone, you will see that it’s put on a tongue and groove system. This is the one that you want, although it is slightly higher in the price. It fits better, and when it is attached to the exterior it functions better. You won’t have as much separation of the panels, both during the installation and after you install.

Once that’s done, you prepare the siding. You should make sure the surface for the faux stone is smooth, because it won’t bound to the surface if so.  You should also hold back from the unfinished paneling, or unsheathed paneling. If it’s uneven, it does affect the final appearance, so you should makes sure that you have plywood sheets on the old surface before you continue to help even it out.

Faux Panel Installation

Then there installing the plywood sheets. They don’t need to be thick, and this is used to create a flattened area for the faux stone so it’s even. You should work to cover all of the surface that you will be using with this paneling. You can typically put a panel at one corner, put a screw through the middle of it, and then continue to do so. You should continue to attach these through the surface so it fits through all of the edges and the windows.


Now that you have that done, the easiest part is really finished. Once you have the siding evened out, you can then put the paneling there. Now, if you have the tongue and groove option, it’ll be much easier, and less of a challenge, and often, it goes faster with time.  The first thing you will need to do however, is to install the first row. The main goal with this is to do it evenly. This row will be the guide that is used for every single row that is above it. You should take your time, and then make sure that it’s even before you work to attach it on.


Now, once that is done, you will need to put a chalk line on there. You should put a nail in the wall at one side of the wall close to the edge. It should be at the right height above the ground where the panel is.  You should then put at one end of the chalk line that you have with the nail that’s pushed into the wall, and then you should put the storing onto the far side of the wall. You should then put your level on the string, and make sure that you have everything leveled before you’re finished. Snap up the strong to create a line against the wall.


Then, you install the first panel row.  Once you have the back surface of the first piece, you should then put a large amount of construction glue on that area. You should then put the piece against the wall with the bottom edge lined up with the chalk line as best as you can. You should make sure not to cover the chalk line with the panel piece because you won’t be able to see the position.  You should ten put the glue against the wall, and then, you can check to see if it’s level. Once it’s straight and level, you can then put screws into every single corner of the panel, and then you can put glue in the next panel, and then so on and so forth as you continue to attach the panels and the screws into the wall. You’ll then be pushing the panels on the first row.


Once that’s finished, you should check it to make sure that it is level, and then you can install the same procedure as you did with the first row, taking the same precautions.  You should make sure that you don’t cover the chalk line, that it’s level, and that the clue is pressed. Once that is done, you can then make the final touches on the paneling, and it is certainly something that will allow you to have a much better experience with this.

With faux stone paneling, it is most important to make sure that it is level. The reason for that, is not just because of the fact that it will look strange without it being level, but as well, it is liable to be affected by the elements as well if you’re not careful. So you should make sure that you do take the time to make sure that it’s level, and don’t really rush it as much as you want.


You should also make sure that the faux panels is also able to withstand the elements. Some of it is made for indoor use, and some for outdoor. Before you buy your faux stone, do make sure that you get the right one, because if you don’t, you might end up struggling later on.

Faux stone PANELS is actually one of the easier things to install, and for many people, it can be quite the benefit to your home. If you’re looking for a means to add a sort of jazz to your home, increasing the siding and really making it work, then it’s time that you star to work on faux stone siding. Faux stone siding is easy, effective, and overall really good for a person to have, because over time, it can make your home look even better than you ever expected to be before.