What Rated Fire Faux stone Panels Do

Now, for many of us who want to have a kick-butt fireplace, often, we’re stopped when the subject of cost comes up. Many of us want to have a gorgeous stone fireplace that goes from floor to ceiling, but in truth, the materials cost a pretty penny. You shouldn’t push your bank account in the red for this, but there is a way to help get the right materials. Now, even if you can’t get the authentic stone fireplace that you want, there is another option, such as faux stone paneling. Many people don’t think about this because it isn’t safe around flames. It’s not always the case though, and there are options to choose from.


Fire rated faux stone panels are something that a person could enjoy. That means with these panels that you will use it around heated areas, such as various fireplaces, some stoves, and other such items.  While the material is synthetic, it won’t catch on fire and burn the place down.  It’s a great material, and it will allow you to have that amazing fireplace that is the one of your dreams. You don’t have to throw that out the window because you won’t be able to afford it.  Now, while this is fated, it doesn’t cost a ton in labor to install. With this type of faux stone paneling, you’ll be able to save money on materials and labor, and it only takes a little bit to install. You can accomplish the faux stone paneling in the fireplace area within a single afternoon. It’s pretty amazing just what it can do for you, and over time, it looks even better.


Most faux stone is made with polyurethane material, and often, it can begin in the foam form. Once it is dried, it will then contain all of the cracks and grooves that stone panels do.  Then, you can pain to match the original stone if you want.  It is very light, and it allows you to do it yourself, and many times, it looks almost as good, if not better than the real thing, plus, since it is fire rated, you’ll be able to do this without too much worry as well. With faux stone, you’ll be able to get better, and in truth, it doesn’t get much better than what you have.


If you’ve ever wanted to have the fireplace of your drams, try a faux stone fireplace. There is a lot to choose from, a lot you can work with, and often, there is so much more there to offer than you expect. Try this, work with this, and over time, you will have a fireplace that works for you, an amazing little abode that looks and feels great, and over time, it will prove to be even better than you would’ve ever expected it to be. Faux stone is the future, and it’s a great way to really get what you want for your home.